perjantai 12. maaliskuuta 2010

On the Streets of...

Here's a blog post the concept of which is copied (w/ permission) from Liisa Mirjami's beautiful 00530 Helsinki blog. Seeing her post made me go nostalgic about my past travels, and the street styles (not the Hel Looks kind!) I've documented on them.

My favorite sticker. Berlin, Rosenthaler Platz, 2009.

Immigrant ostalgia? Toronto, 2006.

Lifesize loving pandas in a Berlin wall, 2009.

Forever growing downtown Bangkok, 2009.

Hasidic themes in Marais, Paris, 2008.

I've witnessed the traces of painter-gone-fashion-designer Ms. Claw in a couple of cities, not "yet" in Finland. That day might not come, but speaking of Claw and graffiti, check out the documentary Infamy in which she and a couple of other painters are properly introduced. It was screened a couple of years ago at HIFF, and if I remember correctly it was a fun film to watch.

Claw in Berlin, 2009.

And home town NYC, 2008.

Hmmm-kay, I think I'm close to exceeding the limits of reader-friendly amount of pictures one above another, I'll stop here for now. I might have to publish an entirely other post on the Tats Cru sightings from New York, 2008. They're so skillful, albeit eventually their style is a bit too clean to my taste, missing the rawness I for some reason appreciate. But thumbs up I'd get the chance to go scout for fresh Tats pieces in NYC soon, so I'll save that collection for later.

Liisa Mirjami is blessed with a real fresh touch with her camera,  don't forget to check her  awesome blog. Following her example on this topic was a bit of an anti-climax, but lately I've been wanting to post some of my own photos instead of using ones taken by other people. Despite the vague moral guidelines on picture borrowing I follow, it still sometimes feels sketchy, and definitely very impersonal. I'll try and keep my camera with me more often in the future and document the things I am going to write about. (Would be heaps easier if only I knew it already by the time I see it!)

These heartsick babies grew by quite a few buildings
in Ottawa, 2006. Hopefully still do.

P. S. One thing I'd sure like like like to spot from Helsinki street sides is LM's infamous dog sticker!

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  1. Ahaa, voisi tulla postaus koiratarroista..... Yritän vaikka metsästää jos niitä on jossain jäljellä kaupungilla!

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