torstai 18. maaliskuuta 2010

A Thousand Times (Good Morning)

Oh tidings of comfort and joy! This morning my blog is 4 clicks away from having hosted a thousand guests! You might not have any idea how happy I am for that. I'll celebrate by playing my new-ish Midlake: The Courage of Others vinyl extra loud. It was finally carried home by the mailman after a fair wait a while ago. Remind me to write that post about online vinyl shopping in the near future; I think I'll do it by interviewing a certain expert dear to me.

My boyfriend recently made a pretty accurate observation: I like what he calls "beard music". Midlake, The National, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes all sound like (and many of them are, too) music made by men with thick and messy beards. Should I analyze this further? Probably not.

 Sweet Beard Music

But with Midlake, especially Acts of Man that is at least currently the first song on the Myspace playlist, I want to  THANK ALL OF YOU loyal and new visitors so much for coming, and promise I'll try to keep up and improve my blogging.
"Great are the sounds of all that live / And all that man can hold..."

3 kommenttia:

  1. Onnea kaima, hyvin sä vedät! :)

  2. Onnea! Tonni paukkunut jo komeasti. Jatka hyvää työtä vaan sinnikkäästi. Paljon blogeja päivittäin selaavana kahjona voin todeta että tässä blogissa on kyllä sitä jotain. Sitä joko on tai sitten ei...

    PS. Uusi National, High Violet ilmestyy 11. toukokuuta.

    PPS. Tämän hetken Partalistan kärjessä komeilee edelleen Rulers, Ruling All Things.
    Uskomattoman hieno veisu.

  3. Hyvä hyvä ja paras! Ja ei siinä partamusiikissa mitää vikaa ole, jollei se sitten samaan aikaan laula, että "the worst is yet to come", näin täällä :)



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